A note for Prospective Chiropractors

Very frequently, a patient of mine will come into the office and ask me about chiropractic education.  Without fail, they have a child, a niece/nephew or a friend who is interested in chiropractic, or simply interested in health care and is looking at options.  And as far as chiropractic education, there are a lot of options and I’ve got to say that as far as I’m concerned, I had a very excellent educational experience at University of Western States-College of Chiropractic.  This is the campus formerly called Western States Chiropractic College, and I believe the second oldest chiropractic educational institution worldwide.

Now I’m not saying that CMCC in Toronto, or National in Chicago aren’t good schools, they are, definitely.  But I can give you a perspective as a former alum of UWS that I can’t give of other institutions.  First of all, I would like to say the faculty at UWS is second to none.  Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but they are excellent at disseminating that knowledge to their students.  The clinical experience with professors like Dr. Ron LeFebvre ready the student for anything that presents in practice.  I can honestly say I miss the day to day learning from these phenomenal faculty (thought I don’t miss the exams). 

As a Canadian student, I also appreciated UWS for their knowledge of the requirements of our national board system and our immigration laws.  The admissions staff is always so helpful, and I felt we were well prepared for our board exams.  UWS I believe, has performed on average, higher on Canadian board exams than any other US school.

Now from a more personal perspective.  I completed my four year chiropractic degree in three years.  I was one of those crazy students that went year round so I could get back home as fast as possible.  While I was living in Portland, I worked on the Associated Student Body as both the Events Coordinator and the Vice President.  Add that to between 30-35 hours a week in class, clinical hours, not to mention the studying to the wee hours.  It was crazy, but I loved it.  I got to see the school from the perspective of a student and from the administration.  I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.  I can honestly say when I talk about chiropractic school, I smile, I just loved it that much.  And I want others to have a chance to do something that they love too. 

To that end, I regularly invite prospective students to my clinic for observation.  I go over pre-requisite courses in both high school and university to help guide them through course selection so they are best prepared.  I’m not overly concerned that they become chiropractors; I think you should do what you are passionate about.  But if they do become chiropractors, I want them to be the best chiropractors, I want them to have the best education they can.

If you are someone you know wants some direction, you can follow the link below to UWS or you can always drop me an email at heritagechiropractic@telus.net

University of Western States    www.uws.edu

© Jennifer Forbes 2015