And the leaves are falling….

Our clinic in is located on the backside of beautiful Kinkora Golf Course in Chilliwack, BC.  We overlook the 2nd green and with that comes a view of the three fabulous maple trees that have been around for longer than Grampy has worked the soil here.  Kinkora is built on the family farm which is originally Higginson land, hence the street being named Higginson Road.  My in-laws are pioneers in Chilliwack and anyone who has been in this neck of the woods for any amount of time knows someone I am related to. 

So everyday that I work, I get to look out out at this fabulous view and it’s ever changing landscape.  Nothing stays the same at a golf course.  And so the leaves have changed from green to amber and have taken flight and everyday they cover the green and cover the fairway.  And at the golf course, they don’t have to hand rake all those leaves, they have this incredible giant leaf blower and tractor and the area is cleared before you know it.

Unfortunately, I do not have a giant leaf blower and a tractor.  I just have a huge backyard that is close enough to those maple trees, and when the wind is right, we get covered.  And so it is fall, and that means putting the garden to bed, and raking leaves and tidying up.  And winter preparation is hard, back breaking work sometimes.  After each nice weekend, I hear the same complaints.....sore back, sore shoulders, sore wrists.  Tweaked knees and twisted ankles.  Some things are avoidable; some are not.  But we can minimize the odds of hurting ourselves by simply following a few simple steps when we go out to do yard work.  First of all, we can warm some stretches for your back and hold them for 30 seconds so your muscles have a chance to actually benefit from your stretch.  Secondly, we can bend our knees and lift with our legs instead of our backs, avoiding the lifting and twisting motion. When you bend at the hips, you put all sorts of unnecessary strain on your back, and you are just asking for trouble.  Thirdly, we can not overload those wheelbarrows and instead, take smaller, more frequent loads.  And finally, if you do hurt yourself, please use an ice pack for 10 minutes instead of don’t want to add heat to tissue that is already inflamed.  And please, don’t wait and hope it will “go away on it’s own”.....the longer you leave it and try to wait it out, the longer it’s going to take once you come in and get me to undo that weekend of gardening.

You have probably seen the commercials from WorkSafe and the BC Chiropractic Association.....”Think Twice, Lift Once”.  Just a friendly reminder from your local chiropractor.   

Enjoy your beautiful autumn weather people. 

© Jennifer Forbes 2015