Goodbye, Hello


End of an era. In 2008, I opened up a satellite clinic of my multi disciplinary Langley office. It started on Stevenson Road, and then two short years later, we moved to Roy Avenue. Better parking, semi-detached from the residence, overlooking Kinkora. I told my husband Jordie this was it, no more clinic builds outs, because of course, that was number four. I’m not sure he believed me considering I kept adding equipment, services and staff!

In the end of 2015, we purchased 2 commercial units just North of the freeway on Young Rd. Many hurdles later, we arrive at the doorstep of opening the doors. Are things finished? Well, mostly. Our rehab gym needs some finishing touches and we are still wrapping our brains around the huge increase in space. From 300sq. ft. to 1800 sq. ft. That’s a lot of furniture!!! 

We have many people to thank. Our families who have helped, worked, painted, scrubbed and just hung out with us. Our staff, who moved us (with the assistance of their families), worked on their days off, looked over flooring, colours, weighed in on all the decisions. The V’s and Wiebe’s who suffered through 34 man hours of IKEA. The Steltings (Heritage Chiro Langley) for the networking. And last, but definitely not least, our contractors. Riverside Renovations, Warren and Terry Braun who take that bar and just raise it higher. And then there is Steve Prachneau, our electrician, who works harder than anyone I know. Thanks also needs to be directed to Ron Laser, our realtor, who handled probably one of the most interesting deals of his career with such professionalism and grace. 

Thank-you to our patients for joining us on the journey. I can’t wait to welcome you to the new place! 

-Dr. Jen

© Jennifer Forbes 2015