Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

It’s getting a bit squaky around here these days! My daughters and I have been volunteers at Greyhaven for 8 months now, and we travel to Delta once a month to clean cages and feed the birds. Greyhaven generally has about 40-50 birds in it’s care. They have been relinquished by owners who are sick, dying, moving or simply don’t want the responsibilty of a demanding pet. In a given year, Greyhaven can take in around 200 birds and works to find them new life in new homes. Volunteers come to the sanctuary daily to help with the upkeep of all these feathered friends. Generally, the girls and I work in the budgie room and cockatiel room, with some visits over to the lovebird and conure rooms. The girls are big fans of the larger parrots downstairs, but we aren’t skilled enough to handle those guys! 



At a recent visit, one of our cockatiels took a huge liking to my husband Jordie, an opportunity that the girls pounced on. So home came “Peyton”, who can now be heard chirping by the window overlooking the entrance to the clinic. He’s a charmer for sure, and making himself very much at home. If everyone gets their wish, soon he will be able to call out “Omaha” like his namesake! 

We often talk in medical circles about whole body care, keeping in mind the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and nutritional needs of our patients. Volunteering at Greyhaven would be one of the ways we take care of our mental health at the Forbes house. When you volunteer, you give, but you certainly receive so much in return. 

OMAHA!!!! ~Peyton Forbes (#18)

© Jennifer Forbes 2015