Let it Snow!!!!

Winter hit us fast and furious here in Chilliwack.  Just ask one of the many patients who tried valiantly to rescue our breezeway trees blowing around both pre- and post-treatment.  Absolute insanity.  Throughout our crazy windstorm I kept praying we wouldn’t lose our power....hard to run laser, shockwave and heat packs with no power.  And then there was the snow....not as much as on the north side of town, but enough to make thing slippery, but beautiful.  The above picture is our house, and the clinic is tucked away to the left out of view.  As long time patients will tell you, the new place and it’s driveway is way better than the clinic on Stevenson.  It’s so nice to see snow and not panic and have to put an entire bag of salt on the driveway and just hope for the best.  Lots of room, no hill....just a great snow shoveling situation.

And speaking of shoveling...as we stare down another cold front, I will repeat myself.  You are going to have to get out there and move that not so fluffy white stuff.  So please use proper footwear, with lots of tread.  Don’t go crazy with large shovels full of snow....and please try to not lift and twist.  The former are a sure fire way of making a trip to our office.  If you do get hurt, please use some ice and stay away from those hot packs, even though they feel nice after freezing outside.

We are here throughout December, and will be open throughout the holidays.  Please be safe.  If you get hurt, either shoveling, slipping or in a motor vehicle accident this winter, please call the office as soon as possible so things don’t become long term problems. 

© Jennifer Forbes 2015