Our clinic has been offering radial shockwave therapy since the fall of 2010.  Recently, I have been contacted by patients who were referred for shockwave by their orthopedic surgeons.  It’s an exciting therapy to use in the clinic, because we see results in conditions where previously we had little success.

So what types of therapy do I use shockwave for?  I’d have to say my top four would be: 1) plantar fasciitis 2) frozen shoulder  3) insertional tendonitis eg. achilles  4) calcific tendonitis in the shoulder.  And the great thing about shockwave therapy is that patients see fairly immediate results.  Most patients will only require 3-6 treatments, but they feel less pain and more movement immediately after treatment. 

I previously referred my patients out to Vancouver and Burnaby for this therapy.  It’s one of those things that just isn’t available everywhere.  This fall, I kept reading research that had such positive outcomes with regards to radial shockwave, that I decided that it was time the therapy was available in the Fraser Valley and Chilliwack. 

I believe strongly that whether it is shockwave or laser therapy or any other therapy for that matter, that the clinic doctor should administer treatment.  Actually, that is what our Chiropractic College requires.  In our clinics, you will always be treated by your chiropractor and will never be treated an assistant. 

So what is involved in a shockwave treatment???  Firstly, you will do an intake form that helps me assess your total health and why you are presenting in my office.  Then we will sit down, and go through a thorough history and exam and find out exactly what is going on.  After that, I let patients know what I’ve found and what I think are the best options for their care.  Sometimes a patient comes in and thinks shockwave is what they need, when in fact a combination of Graston therapy, ice, laser and adjusting may be best.  Everyone is different and is treated individually based on research and over 10 years experience in private practice. 

If indeed radial shockwave therapy is what you need, the exposed area is covered in ultrasound gel.  Based on the area of the body, different heads are placed on the machine that will administer the shocks in varying depths and ranges.     Most treatments will be administered between 2.4-3.0 bars of pressure and 2000-3000 shocks.  It can feel like a dull toothache, but patient tolerance is always taken in account.  Patients return on average 1x/wk for 3 weeks and are re-evaluated at each visit.

If shockwave is something you are interested in, please call the Chilliwack office at 604-316-6864.


Dr. Jen

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