Snow DAY!!!!!! 

WooHoo!  It’s a snow day in Chilliwack....and all the kiddos rejoiced!  And the parents rejoiced until they had to find all the mittens, boots and snow pants.  And then they realized the walk was 30cm under snow and had to be cleaned!

Now, here at our house, we don’t have a snow blower, and unfortunately the tractor at Kinkora Golf Course has turf tires, so no reprieve from that either.  Just good old fashion shoveling with our ergonomic snow shovel. 

So after my husband has shoveled for four hours today, I thought I would share some great tips from the Ontario Chiropractic Association.



   #1:      Don’t let the snow pile up.....move smaller amounts of snow so you don’t overload yourself.

    #2:     Pick the right shovel.....good ones include lightweight pusher type shovels (I kind of like those bending handle ergonomic ones).  Metal shovels can be sprayed with Teflon so the snow won’t stick to them.

    #3      Push, don’t throw.....avoid lifting heavy snow and sudden twisting and turning movements.

    #4      Bend your knees.....if you do need to lift snow, use your knees and leg/arm muscles to do the work, while keeping your back straight.

    #5     Warm up....go for a short 10 minute walk and follow it with some stretching.

    #6     Take a once in a while and if you feel chest or back pain, stop immediately.....if the chest pain is severe, see a medical doctor, if the back pain is severe, see your chiropractor.

    #7    Stay hydrated....we live in Canada, home to hockey-you need to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after winter sports.....and today, we’ll call shoveling a sport! 

So best to everyone, hope the shoveling went completely fabulously.  If you had a bit of an incident with slipping, falling or one of those nice little back “tweaks”, stick the ice pack on for 10 minutes and I’ll see you later.  Cheers.

Dr. Jen 

© Jennifer Forbes 2015